Building Premium Homes


Outdoor Entertaining

Entertaining friends and family on the patio has come back in style. Large crowds will gather for a barbecue or cookout. Many newer homes have backyard pools built in. These areas are surrounded with permanent decks and considered an extension of the home. Building large food preparation and cooking areas has become part of the necessary appointments of many homes. Permanent outdoor dining areas are now the place to eat whenever the weather cooperates.

Building outdoor living areas takes planning. When it rains, the area will be damaged if water is allowed to pool. Worse yet is the specter of flooding due to heavy rain. Builders work with architects and engineers when planning these areas to ensure none of this occurs. No matter how heavy the rain storms or deep the snow, flooding must never be a factor. Site preparation and using the right building materials is the key to avoiding future water issues.

Preparing the area means deciding on the types of pavement to be used. If porous paving is an option, the ground below must be prepared to absorb the water that will flow through the pavement. It must also filter any solids and harmful materials before releasing the water into the local water table. Builders work with engineers that specialize in creating these bases for underground water flow.

Permeable paving is another option builders can use. Much of the site preparation is the same as that used with porous materials. There is generally a layer of small loose rocks. A bed of sand is often laid on top to help keep the pavers in place and filter the water. Permeable areas are actually between the pavers that are made of stone or concrete. These materials are solid and do not allow water flow. Rather than choosing a different material, the water is directed to areas where it can be absorbed. The homeowner gets the patio they want with the rain water control they need.